How is a Spanish doll made?

How is a Spanish doll made?

The doll has become a fun object for children and a collectible object for older people around the world, regardless of the country of origin or the culture of the person. Now I am going to tell you how the process of manufacturing a doll in Spain is, from the idea until the doll is finished approximately 2 months pass.

The first thing that needs to be created is the molds from which the dolls are going to be made, this is done by hand by a sculptor. First it will create a mold of clay, then one of plaster, another of wax and finally, it will manufacture that of nickel. This work will take him, a couple of days, to perfect his work with the desired shape and get the final mold of each of the parts of the wrist: head, arms, legs and trunk.

The next step will be to fill the final molds with liquid vinyl, they are baked so that the vinyl takes the form of the mold and then the washing of each of the pieces of the vinyl doll is performed, with special solvents to remove all the grease and the dust they take from the oven. The manufacturing process is continued, with the painting of the doll, this is done manually and one by one. To fix the paint to vinyl, each of the painted parts is baked at a temperature of about 50 ° C for approximately 10 minutes. Taking advantage of the fact that the vinyl on the wrist is hot, the eyes are placed, so that when it cools, they remain completely fixed without the risk of getting out and are a risk for the safety of children. Then the hair is placed, manually and with the help of special needles to sew it to the head of the doll, once the doll has all the hair …. it will go to the hairdressing and styling section, to give it the look desired by its creators.

After this, the body is assembled with the help of soapy water, so that the pieces slide and fit. Then, the dolls are dressed in costumes that have been previously designed by a fashion designer and made by seamstresses. And the last step in this doll making process is its placement in boxes for later distribution to the stores and from there to the hands of that girl who will enjoy playing with her and giving her life.

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