Legal terms

  1. Pre-contract information

These general terms and conditions of Sale as well as any particular terms and conditions that may be established shall expressly regulate the relationsarising between MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN– MY HANDMADE DOLL, with Vat Code 44.594.679-W and a registered address at Calle Andreu Roig, 13 BAJO, CP 07660 in Cala d’Or (Balearic Islands, Spain) and Users who purchase the products offered on the website.

The business forms shall be available in Spanish or English language.

These present General Terms and Conditions have been produced in accordance with Spanish law: Law 34/2002 on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, Law 7/1998 on General Terms and Conditions of Contract, Royal Decree 1906/1999 regulating telephone and electronic contracts with general terms and conditions implementing Article 5.3 of Law 7/1998, General Law 26/1984, for the protection of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 onRetail Commerce, Royal-Decree Law 14/1999 regulating Electronic Signatures and all other applicable legal provisions.

Browsing and/or purchasing products from the website means that User unreservedly accepts all these present General Terms and Conditions as well as any Particular Terms and Conditions governing the purchase.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN – MY HANDMADE DOLL here by informs you that the procedures for purchasing the products are the ones described in these present General Terms and Conditions and in any other specific terms and conditions indicated on the screen during navigation, so that User knows and accepts said procedures as a requirement for accessing the products and services offered on the website. User will be able to change and/or correct the data provided during navigation by following the instructions on the web page.

The Products offered on the website shall appear on the screen together with their characteristics and price. MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN – MY HANDMADE DOLL reserves the right to decide at all times what products are on the website and offered to users. Consequently, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL may add new products to the website at any time, on the understanding, unless otherwise stated, that said new products shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions in force at that time. Similarly, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL reserves the right to stop providing access at any time and without prior notification to any of the products offered on the website.

  1. Product purchase procedure

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL will ask Users to register before they can purchase from the website. To register, users must be at least eighteen years old and must follow the instructions displayed on the screen (and any other instructions that may appear on different pages on the website) which will ask them to proceed as follows: (I) complete the electronic form that appears onthe web page following the instructions indicated on the page: (II) click on the “CONTINUE” icon/button; (III) reception of email sent to user confirming registration.

The login and password user provides to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL are for authentication and authorisation to enable access and purchase from the website and they are personal and non transferable. User can not change the login but may change the password, in which case the previous password will no longer be valid.

After registering, in order to purchase products, user must choose a product category and then add the item they wish to purchase to their ‘Shopping Basket’, following the instructions on the screen, completing the order form provided and sending it to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL, there by indicating that all these present General Terms and Conditions and any Particular Terms and Conditions have been read and irrevocably accepted. The purchase will be understood to be made at the address of MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL unless otherwise provided by law.

The User must be ar in mind that each item may have some Particular Terms and Conditions explained in the item’s description, so the description must be read and will be accepted at the time the order is placed. In addition, the images of the items could vary respect to the actual product, in which case there will be some annotation in the item’s description warning of this.

When the purchase has been made the MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL system shall automatically send a proof of purchase by e-mail to User/Purchaser. User/Purchaser may request, and MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL will send the corresponding invoice.

Confirmation of the order and proof of purchase shall not be valid as an invoice. MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL reserves the right to cancel the login and password and consequently access for website users, be they private individuals, companies or distributors, who keep debit or unpaid balances, and whenever the company deems opportune.

Similarly, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL reserves the right not to sell to customers who, after a study, it deems not to be suitable. If the customer has made the payment, it will be refunded.

  1. Delivery

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL,under takes to deliver the products purchased byUser/Purchaser, to the address User/Purchaser indicates for said purpose on the order form, which may be different to their habitual residence. The order may be sent to their workplace or even to a third person as a gift, or to the transport company’s office for the customer to collect (products are not delivered to post boxes), as soon as possible, and in any case, always within forty five (45) calendar days from the date the order is placed, unless it is retained at customs or in any other exceptional case.

If User/Purchaser has to be contacted for any reason before dispatch, the delivery period may be longer.

Orders containing items on PRE ORDER will be sent approximately in the number of days reported on the product page. The rest of the items in the order that are not on PRE ORDER, will be sent when the PRE ORDER items arrive to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL warehouse. If there is more than one PRE ORDER item in the same order, the days to be sentwill be the number of days shown on the item page with the highest number of days. If, for whatever reason, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL could not send some items in the order, that will not entitle the User/Purchaser to cancel the PRE ORDER items.

The daily deadline for dispatching orders from the warehouse is 13:00 hours, but may be later if MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL deems opportune.

No deliveries are made on Saturdays or Sundays or holidays, unless the transport company decides to do so as an exception.

Below are the business days of delivery times, being working days Monday to Friday, not including public holidays.

Carrier Seur and DPD deliveryperiods are normally:

  •  Iberian Peninsula: 1-3 working days
  •  The Balearic Islands: 1-2 working days
  •  Portugal: 1-2 working days
  •  France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg: 2-6 working days
  •  Germany, Austria, Italy and United Kingdom: 3-7 working days
  •  Denmark and Sweden: 5-8 working days
  •  Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Ireland and   Slovakia: 6-9 working days
  •  Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia and Romania: 7-10 working days
  •  Croatia: 9-12 working days

Delivery times for postal shipments are between 3 and 30 business days, depending on the destination, making shipments only on Fridays (If Friday is a holiday, itwill be sent the next business day). The web informs better the range of days when theUser/Purchaser adds products to the basket and continues with the purchase process.

Orders with postal shipping outside Spain or Canary Islands scheduled to be shipped on Fridays, could be shipped earlier if MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL decides so.

These delivery periods may be affected by changing weather conditions, road works, dates like Black Friday or December, etc…

Deliveries shall take place over the entire scheduled day, i.e, it is not possible to choose a time for delivery. Delivery shall take place when the sender deems opportune according to the daily route or other reasons. If, when placing the order, User/Purchaser enters a comment specifying a time for delivery, or requesting a telephone call before delivery, these comments will be taken as a suggestion, but never as a condition of delivery, because transport companies generally do not take times into accountn or do they want to have to call each addres see.

If the transport company sends an email or an SMS to the User/Purchaser to select a time range to make the delivery, that time will not be in any case of mandatory compliance, being taken as a suggestion.

If the User/Purchaser made two orders and asked us to join both orders in a shipment, the delivery time could be affected by adding some other day.

If the payment method is PayPal, the delivery time may be delayed if PayPal does not confirm the payment quickly.

An order will be considered as sent when it is delivered to the transport company, although sometimes MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL sends orders on non-working days, which means that the order leaves the warehouse but has not yet been delivered to the transport company, so the transit time of a shipment starts to count when it is delivered to the transport company on a working day.

If the transport company arrives at the shipping address and there is no one who can receive the package, that company could choose to leave the package in a collection point for the buyer to go there to pick it up. In this case, the recipient will have the obligation to go to that collection point with their identity document to collect the package.

  • International deliveries:

If the customer is not at the address at the time of delivery and/or the telephone provided is not correct or goes unanswered and the transport company can not deliver the order, User/Purchaser shall have 3 working days to contact the company before the goods are returned.

In such cases (if the goods were returned) the customer shall pay the costs of dispatch if they wish to receive the product again.

  1. Price and Method of payment

The purchase prices in force at the time the order is placed are those that appear on the screen, unless there is a typographical error. Prices shall indicate Value Added Tax (VAT) as contemplated by the Spanish government.

However, purchases made by residents in countries outside the EuropeanUnion shall be exempt from VAT and subject to the payment of any corresponding import tax (customs clearance costs and import taxes are not included in the price of the article or in the price of dispatch and must be paid at destination by User as required).

Due to their special tax regime, the geographical areas of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are treated like non-EU countries.

In general, any duty, tax, imposition or broker’s commission accruing as a consequence of the purchase and sale of the products and anyother expenses stemming there from shall be paid by User.

Shipping costs which appear on the screen shall be paid by User and shall depend on the destination, weight and volume of the package.

When User adds a product to the ‘Shopping Basket’, the cost of said product with VAT will appear in the description on the screen, unless the purchase is VAT exempt in which case said exemption shall be automatically taken into account on the basis of the personal data introduced by User before confirming the order. Payment of the price for the products purchased and the cost of delivery, which will appear on the screen, may be made by credit or debitcard,  or PayPal, depending on the destination and the amount payable.

To proceed with payment, user must follow all the instructions that appear on the screen. If payment is made by credit or debit card, the required information will be: a) type of card; b) card number; c) expiry date; d) and any other information required on the screen.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL has installed an electronic payment system in the form of a payment gate way provided by Banco Sabadell. All data provided for these purposes are encrypted to ensure maximum safety.

Additionally, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL here by states that under no circumstances does it store or have any access to data provided by Users through the payment gate way and that data are only kept while the order is being place, payment is made and until the withdrawal periodelapses. In the interests of providing greater safety for credit card holders there is a three-digit number on cards which serves as an identification code to verify the physical presence of the card during online transactions. This 3 – digit number is printed on the back of the card (in the part reserved for the signature) immediately after the card number.

Then, as an additional safety measure, a window from your bank will appear by Master Card Secure Code and Verified by Visa protocol asking you to supply additional data which is not printed on the card. This process is designed to prevent fraudulent transactions with credit cards.

Also, as another security measure for payments by PayPal, when MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL has a suspicion of fraud having paid by this payment method, PayPal will be informed so that it is recorded in the PayPal user’s file, without prior notice to the user.

  1. With drawal from orders


➔ If the origin of the defect is the manufacturer’s mould because, in that case, it is the usual quality of manufacture from that particular manufacturer. A manufacturer may have several moulds for the same article and therefore sometimes an article may be manufactured with a small defect and other times not, but this imperfection does not mean the article is defective.

➔ If the tonality of the article or any of its parts varies in intensity or in a slight change of color with respect to the image of the web, since there could be a difference from one manufacturing run to another, this being something normal in manufacturing . In addition, colors may vary some what depending on the screen used by each User/Purchaser.

➔ If the pattern of a fabric is different from the one shown in the image on the web. Many times the fabrics can undergo changes because the manufacturer no longer has access to the fabric was using, so the manufacturer will use a fabric as similar as possible.

➔ If the making of the fabric had different details, such as lace, applique, …

User/Purchaser shall have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days according to the official calendar at the shipment destination, counting from reception by User/Purchaser of the purchased products to resolve the sale and purchase without incurring any penalty or cost whatsoever. In any event, it will be understood that User/Purchaser knows about the with drawal right after accessing the website which requires these present General Terms and Conditions to be read and accepted and in any case from the moment the order is placed.

No returns are accepted from outside theEuropeanUnion or any place that entails customs management. If, exceptionally, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL admits a return from that origin, it can not be made unless the User/Purchaser is responsible for the total expenses that MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL must pay to any company or public body. Due to the customs procedure, this also applies to returns from the CanaryIslands, Ceuta or Melilla. Taking into account that the expense of this type of returns with customs management can not be calculated by MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL, it will not be possible to give a budget. In addition, the User/Purchaser is warned that, if a return is made and the cost of the customs procedure is higher than the amount to be refunded, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL may reject that shipment.

In the case of partial return of an order, if a discount was applied to the order based totally or partially on the part to be returned, the cost of the order will be re-calculated without that part and the difference paid, so the discount may be smaller or disappear. In the same way, if the order had free shipping when exceeding a certain amount, the cost of the order will be recalculated without the part to be returned and the difference will be refunded, so that the cost transport that was not charged at the time of the purchase could be added and therefore decrease the amount to be returned.

The return procedure shall begin when User/Purchaser sends an e-mail request to from the email with which madet he purchase informing of the references and units that wants to return. Later, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL shall reply within 48 hours on working days, not holidays from the time there quest is received as signing, as appropriate, a refund number.

When User/Purchaser has received the refund number or a reply to the e-mail the refund may be effected within fourteen calendar days following reception of the shipment to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL of the product to be returned (indicating the refund number, if assigned, or the customer’s name and the order number) to the following address: MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN, C/ Andreu Roig, 13, bajos, 07660 – Cala d’Or–Balearic Islands Spain.

The cost of sending the product to be returned will be paid by the User/Purchaser.


➔ Products made according users pecifications or clearly customised products.

➔ Product spurchased by PRE ORDER.

➔ Downloadable products.

The buyer should be ar in mind that dolls with eyes that are not mobile and have eyelashes, have eyelashes glued with a glue that is not strong to comply with current regulations. This means that, if the user pulls the eyelash or simply wetsit, the eyelash could come off. In general, washing a doll is very delicate because it can cause paint wear or detachment of some part, so it is only convenient to wash the doll’s vinyl or plastic in a very delicate way with a wet cloth that only contains water.

  • For shipments outside the Iberian Peninsula User/Purchaser who with draws shall pay administration costs and any customs fees due as a result of returning the order or article to the Balearic Islands.

If any products are not received in good condition, User/Purchaser shall proceed as follows:

Accept the package and if the packagingitself is in poor condition it is very important to indicate on the transport company’s delivery note the reason why you think the package is not in optimum condition. The transport companies do not allow the package to be opened for inspection and so this review must be done by observing the package without opening it.

Subsequently, after reviewing the package contents and verifying their poor condition, you must notify MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL of the incident.

It is absolutely necessary thatUser /Purchaser send photos to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL of defects or damages where these are appreciated in detail. If the defect or damage is in the article mal function or its assembly, then it will also be necessary for User /Purchaser to send a video showing clearly the problem at the time of assembly or operation. These photos and videos will assist to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL to value that it is really a defect or damage.

After that, and since each particular case has a better solution MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL will evaluate the best option to solve the incident by opting for one of the following solutions:

  1. A)  The manufacturer or distributor of the article will send to the User/Purchaser the damaged part of the article or the complete article in new condition, collecting before or not the article or its damaged part.
  2. B)  MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL will send to theUser/Purchaser the damaged part of the article or the complete article in new condition, collecting before or not the article or its damaged part. If the manufacturer or distributor must previously send that part or article to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL, this process could take some more time.

If the solution to an incident implies that MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL had to send articles or parts of articles outside the European Union or any other place that involves customs procedures, if there were expenses of these customs procedures at destination, these will be paid by the recipient in its entirety.

In case the damaged item must be picked up before its replacement, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL will then ask the transport company to remove the package. When the package has been received, reviewed and its condition verified, the transport company will be sent to deliver an identical article. Hours or days may elapse between collection and new dispatch.

PLEASE NOTE: Products for return will not be accepted unless they arrive in perfect condition and in the original packaging.

We do not accept returns on products that have been used, altered or modified.

If User/Purchaser exercises their with drawalright, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL will return the amounts received.

Notwithstanding the above, the right of withdrawal and/or to terminate is precluded in cases where the nature of the products purchased makes it impossible, without prejudice to the corresponding claim for damages.

In the cases in which the User/Purchaser says that the delivered order is incomplete and MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL has the certainty that the shipment was complete, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL may request an affidavit of what happened to the User/Purchaser before the police or City Hall, being a crime in case of falsification or lying.

  1. Communications between the parts – Customer Service

For the purposes of these present General Terms and Conditions and for any necessary communication between MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL and User, Users shall email the Customer Service Department (sending a message to the following address: or write to the Customer Service Department, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL at C/ Andreu Roig, 13, bajo. 07660 Calad’Or–Balearic Islands, Spain.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL shall communicate with users in accordance with the data they provide when registering on the website. User expressly accepts the use of e-mails as a valid procedure for all communications in connection with use of the website and/orpurchase of products.

  1. Personal Data Protection Policy

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL recognises the importance of protecting the website User’s privacy and so it has developed a Personal Data Protection Policy which it here by announces so that User may freely and voluntarily decide whether it wishes to provide MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL with personal data that may be requested or obtained as a result of using this website and/or ordering any of the products offered on it.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL reserves the right to a mendits Personal Data Protection Policyunilaterally at any time without prior notification to ensure compliance with the legislation in force at all times.

The website contains information that may be of interest to minors under the age of 18. MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL informs you that no minoris permitted to make any purchase and consequently MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL shall not intentionally collect personal data from any one under 18 and as necessary shall eliminate any data that may contain people under 18 whenever it becomes aware of such circumstance.

To procure or purchase the products, Users must previously provide MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL with certain personal data (name and surnames, e-mail address etc.) which MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL shall process in order to formalise distance selling, manage, administer, provide, extend, improve and adapt the services offered on the website and for any promotional and advertising activities in its sector through any medium which may be of interest to extend and improve its products, tailoring its offers to user preferences and needs based on the study and segmentation of the personal and commercial information on its database as a consequence of user access to the website and to permit customised navigation. This database is owned by the business owner, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL.

Pursuant to Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, users shall be entitled to access, rectify, cancel and block in accordance with the legislation in force concerning personal data collected as established in the above paragraphs, and for such purposes may write to the above contact address enclosing a photocopy of their National Identity Card, Passport or other equivalent identity document.

User expressly accepts that data gathered during navigation on the website or provided by filling in any form, as well as data deriving from the commercial relationship and/or delivery of products purchased, may be included in the aforementioned database.

During the data collection process and at each place on the website where said data are requested user will be informed by means of a hyperlink, or on the form it self of the obligatory nature or other wise of said data collection for product delivery. The exception is the data required to place an order which MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL here by informs you is not voluntary, and in order to formalise the order, Users must provide their identity, address and the obligatory payment data in order to formalise and conclude the sale.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL under takes to respect the confidential nature of the data on its database and use them in accordance with the purpose of the database and to fulfill its obligation to safeguard them and adopt all measures to prevent their alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access pursuant to Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the Regulations implementing OrganicLaw 15/1999 of 13 December on personal data protection.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL here by informs you that in order to provide the service contraced by User/Purchaser, personal details such as : e-mail, name, surname and address provided by User/Purchaser shall be transferred to the companies OMI EUROPA S.L (Packlink pro) in order to transport the material or product ordered by User/Purchaser. These personal data may also be transferred to MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL suppliers or to the manufacturers of the items in order to solve any problems or doubts that may arise.

could make a draw among the buyers of its website

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL could make a draw among the buyers of its website, so in that case MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL could publicly show the names and surnames of the winner and substitutes of the draw on their social networks.

By accepting these present terms and conditions it is understood that user or purchaser expressly authorises MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN–MY HANDMADE DOLL to process their data exclusively for the aforementioned purposes.

MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN (the “Company”) is an Organisation that processes personal data, this activity means the Company has significant responsibility in the design and organisation of procedures to ensure they comply with the law in this matter.

In the exercise of these responsibilities and with the aim of establishing the general principles that must govern the processing of personal data, the Company has approved this personal data protection policy, notified its Employees and made the policy available to all its stakeholders.

  1. A) Purpose

The personal data protection policy is a proactive responsibility measure intended to ensure compliance with the applicable and related legislation on this matter and respect for the right to honour and privacy in the processing of the personal data of anyone connected to the Company.

This personal data protection policy establishes the principles governing data processing in the Company and consequently, the procedures, organisational and safety measures that persons affected by this Policy undertake to implement in their areas of responsibility. For that purpose, the Management will assign responsibilities to the staff who participate in data processing operations.

  1. B) Sphere of application

This personal data protection policy shall apply to the Company, its directors, managers and employees and everyone connected to it, expressly including service providers with access to data (“data processors”).

  1. C) Personal data processing principles

As a general principle, the Company shall scrupulously comply with the legislation on personal data protection and shall be able to demonstrate as much (Principle of “proactive responsibility”), paying particular attention to any processing that may mean a greater risk for the rights of those affected (Principle of “risk focus”).

In relation to the above, MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN shall ensure compliance with the following Principles:

➔  Lawfulness, loyalty, transparency and restriction of purpose.The affected partyshall always be informed of data processing, through clauses and other procedures; and data processing will only be considered legitimate if there is consent (with particular attention to minors), or has another valid legitimation and the purpose of the same is compliant with theRegulation.

➔   Data minimisation. Processed data shall be appropriate, relevant and restricted to what is necessary in relation to the processing purposes.

➔  Accuracy. Data will be accurate and as necessary, updated.  In this regard, the necessary measures will be adopted to eliminate or rectify without delay personal data which is inaccurate for the processing purposes.

➔  Limitation of the retention period. Data will be kept in a manner that permits identification of the interested parties for no longer than is necessary for processing purposes.

➔  Integrity and Confidentiality. Data will be processed in a way that guarantees appropriate safety of personal data, including protection again stun authorised or unlawful processing and against the loss, destruction or accidental damage to data, by applying the appropriate technical and organisational measures.

➔   Data transfers. It is forbidden to buy or obtain personal data from illegitimate sources or in cases where said data have been gathered or transferred in breach of the law or their legitimate origin is not sufficiently guaranteed.

➔  Contracting suppliers with access to data. Only suppliers that offer sufficient guarantees for the application of appropriate technical and safety measures for data processing will be selected.  The Agreement duly signed in this regard with these third parties will be recorded.

➔   International data transfers.  Any personal data processing subject to European Union regulations that involves a transfer of data outside the European Economic Area shall be carried out in strict compliance with the requirements established in th eapplicable law.

  Rights of affected parties. The Company shall facilitate to all affected parties the exercise of their rights to access, rectify, eliminate, restrict and object to data processing and their right to data portability, establishing for that purpose internal procedures and in particular, models for exercising said rights as necessary and opportune, which shall satisfy at least the applicable legal requirements in each case.

The Company shall ensure that the principles listed in this personal data protection policy are taken into account (i) in the design and implementation of all work procedures, (ii) in the products and services offered (iii) in all the contracts and obligations formalised and undertaken and (iv) in the introduction of any systems and platforms that permit access of employees or third parties and/or the collection or processing of personal data.

  1. D) Employees’ commitment

Our employees have been informed about thepresent Policy and state they are aware that personal information is one of the Company’s assets and in that respect they will follow the policy and undertake the following:

*        To do the training in data protection awareness that the Company makes available to them.

*       Apply security measures at user level that are applicable to their workstation, without prejudice to any liabilities for their design and implementation that may be attributed to them in relation to their role within MARÍA SOL MOLINELLI BEGHIN.

*       Use the formats established for the exercise of rights by affected parties and notify the Company immediately so that the response can be made effective.

Inform the Company as soon as they become aware of any deviations from this Policy in particular “personal data safety infringements” using the format established for the purpose.

  1. E) Inspection and evaluation
    An annual verification, evaluation and appraisal will be carried out each year, or whenever there are significant changes in data processing, on the effectiveness of the technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of data processing.
  2. Copyright and brands

The content and products on the MY HANDMADE DOLLwebsite are protected and total or partial reproduction is expressly prohibited without the consent of the holder or owner of said rights.

  1. Product differences

The articles in MY HANDMADE DOLL may show small differences between the image of the product and the product sent, but they will be minimal. For example: Shoe colour, fabric colour or pattern or making of the fabric, color intensity of the vinyl or plastic, etc. You are here by informed that if the sevariations are very prominent, we will try to include this information in the description of the article.

  1. Laws and applicable jurisdiction.

These present General Terms and Conditions and any Particular Terms and Conditions that may be established, shall be construed and governed by Spanish law. The parties expressly submit to the courts and tribunals of the city of Majorca (Balearic Island – Spain) to resolve any legal dispute arising out of the interpretation and/or compliance with these General Terms and Conditions and any Particular Terms and Conditions, and expressly waive their entitlement to any other venue.