• Reference : ARI98036
  • Manufacturer ref.: 98036
  • Height: 40 cm/ 16”
  • Brand: Arias
  • Item type: Doll
  • Body material: Soft fabric body
  • Mechanism: No
  • Hair color: Hairless
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Eye type: Always Open
  • Ethnic group: Caucasian
  • Gender: Not sexed

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– Vinyl limbs

– Soft body.

– Without joints.

– Includes dummy, blanket and teddy

– Certificate of authenticity

– Recommended age: +3 years.

Description and characteristics Reborn 40cms Carlos doll with blanket:

A cute Reborn doll of 40 cm, dressed in a white and blue set with stars and with a hat and blue booties as a whole.

It comes wrapped in a sweet and soft blue blanket and with a stuffed animal.

It comes inside a white box, which protects it and makes it ideal to give as a gift.

It includes a certificate of authenticity that guarantees that your baby Reborn is unique in the world and a family book where you can include your baby’s data and those of your family.

The babies of the reborn line are small works of art that simulate reality to perfection, managing to have dolls that look like real real babies. Its process of craftsmanship, its finishes, the quality and the care with which these dolls have been made, have made every little baby of the Reborn line exclusive and special.

Additional Information
Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 65 × 33 × 25 cm